Margherita (v)

Tomato Sauce, Italian Mozzarella, Grano Padano (Italian slow ripened hard cheese) Fresh Basil*




Tomato sauce, Sliced Salami Napoli, Crumbly English Mature Cheese, Italian Mozzarella, Oregano*



Vegetarian (v)

Tomato Sauce, Semi-Dried Italian Tomatoes, Italian Mozzarella (Contains Rennet), Mushrooms, Sliced Red Onion, Fresh Spinach*



Coppa Picante

Tomato Sauce, Diced Coppa Picante (Cured neck end fillet of Pork, massaged with Chilli, Spices and Herbs. Spicy aroma and Delicate flavour), Italian Goats Cheese, Sun dried Tomatoes, Fresh Spinach, Oregano




Tomato Sauce, Red Onion, Prosciutto Crudo (Italian Dry-Cured Ham)Scamorza Affumicata (semi-soft white cheese made from cow’s milk, elastic and stringy in texture, the flavour is piquant, milky and creamy with a subtle, smoky flavour with a sweet, light caramel note), Basil, Oregano*



Ham & Mushroom

Tomato Sauce, Italian Mozzarella, Prosciutto Crudo (Italian Dry-Cured Ham) Mushrooms, Red Onions, Oregano*



Garlic Flat Bread

One of our pizza bases with Garlic butter, Rosemary, Oregano*




Chilli’s, Basil, Olives*

50p Each


Ember Treats

A selection of homemade cakes depending on what we’ve decided to bake today*

£1.90 Per Portion 


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Our menu takes its influence from Neapolitan recipes, with a nod to fresh local produce.

Our pizzas are hand crafted using the finest ingredients sourced from Italy & local markets.


We handmake our dough using ‘00’ flour, yeast and sea salt. This produces a soft, light crust with an extraordinary taste. Our dough balls are approximately 240g and are hand stretched to make a 12-inch pizza.

Our base sauce is made from only the best Italian tomatoes, simply seasoned to produce a bright red sauce with a full, fresh and sweet taste.


Our menu may vary from time to time depending on the season and availability of the best produce.

(all our pizzas are garnished with fresh Rocket leaf unless otherwise requested, you may also add your own choice of olive oil from the counter)


Gluten free

We offer Pizza bases made from gluten free & milk free Italian Caputo flour, however because of preparation time for our dough we request 24 hours’ notice for gluten free orders.


Vegan/Lactose free

Our dough is vegan and lactose free & we offer a vegan/lactose free  version of both our vegetarian pizzas.


Eco Friendly

ember pizza is single-use plastic-free. We use 100% recyclable pizza boxes & plates.



‘You should always advise our staff of any special dietary requirements, including allergies and intolerences. Where possible, our trained staff will advise you on alternative dishes. However, whilst we do our best to reduce the risk of cross – contamination in our preparation and cooking, we CANNOT guarantee that any of our dishes are free from allergens & therefore cannot accept any liability in this respect. Customers with severe allergies are advised to assess their own level of risk & consume dishes at their own risk’